Warm cookies!  Waddell take 2!

The Liquid Force RV headed back to Waddell today for a fruitful wave session, a swim through a rather large rip, and some warm cookies!!!!

The north coast of California is a rugged place.  For sure it is not for the faint hearted.  Solid overhead surf poured in with a rising tide.  The winds again were teasing all day long until late then it came up and blew all over the map.  Started out pretty light, ramped up to blasting where it hovered for about 45 min. then dropped to 0 in about 5 min.  That caught some people off guard and sent a few for a tour and workout session in the infamous Waddell rip.   Nonetheless people tried some kites, slashed some waves, rode some nuggets and then were greeted on the beach with warm batches of chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the Liquid Force RV oven.

Posted by Little Petter