How do I choose the right kiteboard? B-Blog Advice

How do I choose the right kiteboard?  B-Blog Advice

How did you end up here? You are interested in finding the perfect board to progress your shredding to the next level. Well I am here to help guide you through your progression and get you checking off your latest goal.

The first question we will look into is what type of board should I get? This question seems fairly straight forward, but it might not be as much as you think. I’ve broken down boards into a few different categories as what I see are their main benefits.

Twin Tip – Great all around board that can really do it all. Are you interested in getting big air? Are you keen on stomping some powered wakestyle moves? Do you want to learn how to make your way up wind? If any of these are your goals the twin tip might be the right ride for you!

Surf Board – Did you get into kiteboarding because you dream of smacking the lip, but don’t want to paddle out to the line up? Are you looking for a smooth ride that slices and dices up the chop on your local lake? Are you fired up on catching air and using the wind to glue your board to your feet? You are a surf shredder!

Hippy Stick – What did you just call me? The Hippy stick is a cross-over board that has many of the benefits of surfboards and twintips. If you want one board that you can surf and freeride, the hippy stick might be your answer.

Foil – Have you mastered the art of twin tip riding and surfing? Are you looking for something new and exciting? Are you looking for a super smooth ride similar to slashing an endless line of waist deep powder? The foil is calling you!

Twin Tip Size and Board Selection

There are a few factors to consider when making a purchase on a new twin tip; your weight, the wind conditions you will be riding in, and your preferred riding style.

The first distinction is if you are riding in really light, usually less than 15 knots wind you will need a large board like the Libre or Over Drive no matter weight. You need such a large board to get planning at low speeds and to help keep your speed up during wind lulls. If you are riding in more wind you can dive into a smaller board because you do not need the large volume.

Now that we are shredding stronger wind let’s look at the different styles of twin tips out there. If you are just getting started with kiteboarding you will want a flatter rocker line and softer edges to help you get upwind easier. These flatter boards are more efficient and will help you get over the hurdle of going upwind. In the Liquid Force lineup the Drive, Over Drive and Edge are all great boards with a flatter rocker line. If you are looking for a twin tip with incredible pop you will want to look for a board with a more square tip and a stiffer flex pattern. Both of these features will give you maximum pop. This style of board will be a little more bumpy while riding in chop and will not be as fun to slash turns and transitions. In the LF board range the Radnium is the dedicated load and pop machine. The all around, pop and jump, and slash carves boards will have a medium flex, medium rocker, and not as squared off tip and tail. These boards will eat up chop, give you good pop, and turn nicely. The Echo and Benchmark are Liquid Force’s all around weapons of choice. Finally, if you are looking for a twin tip to ride on rails and obstacles you will need a board with a grind base so that your board will last a long time. Look no farther than the Boom for a dedicated park board.

Ok, so you have chosen a board that fits your style of riding, now how do you select what size to ride. We are hyped on riding slightly larger boards these days as they are a bit smoother riding, make landings easier, and can get you through any lulls. Our general rule of thumb is if you are over 80 kilos you should be on a board larger than 141 cm. If you are over 70 kilos you should be on a board larger than a 138. Finally if you are over 60 kilos you should ride larger than a 133. The one time you can throw this rule out is if you are a dedicated big air rider doing old school maneuvers in strong wind. If you are a big air warrior you will want to ride a small board, around 130 cm so that you can have more power in your kite.

Surf Board

There are infinite surf shapes out there right now and how can one decide what is right for them. There is not a hard rule about what should work for you. We recommend to try as many as you can to see what feels best for you. You will want a lighter board if you are interested in doing strapless airs. If you are looking for a super smooth ride you will want a heavier board as it will slide right through all the chop. 4 fins, also called quad will give your board a looser, skatey feeling while riding it. A 3 fin setup, called thruster will give you more tracking while riding. Try, try, try and find the board that best suits your riding.

Hippy Stick

The crossover board from the future. These boards are exclusive to Liquid Force and are inspired by the retro shapes from snowboards. They deliver the fun feeling of riding a surfboard with the ability to ride both directions like a twin tip. These boards excel and riding upwind and feel like an aggressive surfboard made to destroy waves and chop. If you want one board to do it all on then this should be your ride of choice.


Foiling is blowing up right now. It can make marginal conditions really fun and exciting. Before getting into foiling you should be a proficient twin tip rider and it is best if you are already decent on the surfboard. If you are just getting into foiling you want a larger board, around 5’0” to get going. A great starter board from the Liquid line up is the Rocket or the Galaxy. This will make the learning phase much easier and less painful. Once you have mastered going on a larger board you can size down, way down. Many foilers are riding boards smaller than 4’0”s now. This creates a minimalistic feel and you don’t have any extra board to slow you down. Liquid Force just dropped the Orb and Plank that are great examples of tiny foil boards.

Enough reading already! Get out there and shred with your new knowledge and new ride!