How do I check out a Kite Spot? B-Blog Advice

How do I check out a Kite Spot?  B-Blog Advice

The more you know the better chance you have at a great session! Whenever I am considering checking out a new spot I like to do a little investigatory research. You can search the forums, look through the databases of old kite mags for information, or just Google the spot. There are reviews and guides to almost every spot out there and you should read up on what makes it special. Do all the photos and videos make you amped for your next adventure. Let’s check out the spot!

Here we are. How does it look? Are there lots of people on the water? Does it look like your dream is about to become a reality? Time to find a friendly kiter and ask them all the questions. My hit list of questions looks something like this:

  • How was your session?
  • How is it out there?
  • I’ve never kited here, is there anything I need to be aware of?
  • Is there a safety service?
  • I ride (twintip, surfboard, foil) where is the best place to ride?
  • Is there a rotation and how does it work?

If the person you run your questions isn’t excited to help you out don’t be afraid to ask another person.

Post session it is great to check back in with the person you were talking to and let them know how your session was! People love to chat about kiteboarding and hear what you think of their spot. Time to celebrate with your new friends. Now you have to ask them where the best place to eat or grab a beverage!