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2009 Liquid Force Generation 3 Havoc Premium SLE High Performance Freeride Kite Flat Water, Waves and Snow Sizes: 6,8,10,12,14,16

The Havoc is back!!!! The 2009 Liquid Force Generation 3 Havoc was designed to be the most advanced, yet user friendly, high performance premium freeride SLE kite ever produced! In its third year of evolution, the new Havoc has been refined to once again set new standards in kite design, performance and reliability. The new Generation 3 Havoc introduces the USB 2.0 – Ultra Stable Bridle Technology. This simplistic yet ultra effective bridle design, delivers total depower with a short throw of the bar while providing precise control of the kite while fully de-powered. The new Havoc also features a flatter arc for 2009, which delivers increased lift and extended hang-time. LF has also added its new MPC canopy technology which incorporates a wider section in the canopy at the trailing edge of the kite. This feature provides more low end power without altering the kite's aspect ratio and sacrificing that sweet lift that the Havoc is known for.

The Havoc, which has been known in the past for its light yet predictable bar pressure, now offers a slightly more direct feel, while still preserving a comfortable level of bar pressure. With its solid power and direct feel, the Generation 3 Havoc communicates directly to the rider where the kite needs to be for all types of riding, whether you are riding waves or perfecting that powered mobe. Boosting on the new Havoc not only gets you more loft and height than before, it also delivers that floaty feeling that results in that super smooth landing that every rider is looking for.