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Typically a light wind board will restrict you from pulling technical moves due to its shape and size, but not the WLF series. The WLF is truly a light wind board that still allows you to practice all your technical tricks on those lighter wind days! The WLF's Light Wind continuous rocker and straighter outline design contributes to its light wind efficiency. The bottom line is that the WLF is a board with a huge range for all levels or riders, allowing you to stay on the water, stay up wind, and practice your tricks, even when the wind gets light!

The WLF is still offered in a LTD construction that is lighter, thinner and more responsive. If your a rider that is serious about your light wind riding, or a bigger rider looking for a larger high performance design, the LTD is the WLF for you!

Board Style: Wide Light / Wind Freestyle

Design Features

  • Single Concave Bottom
  • Light Wind Continuous rocker
  • Super Wide Profile
  • Scalloped Tail Shape
  • New Thinner 4mm-6mm Variable Edge Rail
  • LTD 3mm-5mm
  • Specialized Light Wind Flex Profile

Construction Features

  • Compression Molded
  • Molded Composite Core
  • Milled PVC Core on LTD
  • Variable Edge ABS Sidewall
  • Matte Top and Bottom
  • Lightweight Construction
  • LTD Extra Lightweight Construction