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For 2009 Liquid Force Kiteboarding is proud to bring you a complete lineup of surfboards specifically designed for kitesurfing. Our full line of Pat Rawson shaped surfboards includes multiple fin set ups, tail shapes, and board sizes. No matter what the conditions there will be a LF Rawson surfboard for you. And when the wind drops, go ahead and pull your straps off and your board will paddle surf as good as any Pat Rawson surfboard.

Words by Pat Rawson:

The Rawson LF Quad was designed to carve and edge well, using the extra fin power on the rail. Normal 3 fin designs have great predictability, but the back fin tends to stiffen the board up in maneuvering. We have found that the quads do surf looser in wave riding as well as edge and point upwind better. I designed the LF Quad boards with a slightly inverted diamond tail making this board fast right out of the gate, and more all around in performance over a swallowtail design.

The Skate is a time proven design that I improved on by adding a 3+2 fin configuration. With the 3+2 concept, the rider is able to use the five boxes as either a three fin or 4 fin configuration depending on the size and conditions of the surf. The round tail design is the morph of all tail designs in one, making this Rawson LF Skate one of our most well rounded, predictable designs.

The Rawson 6er board design is like an exotic Ferrari, designed to go faster than any conventional design. The 6'er concept is a Twin Fin, with 4 extra inward fins mounted just ahead of the Twin Fins. They are canted out to loosen the board's turning radius, and free the outside fins once this design is in a turn and put on the rail. The best description for this design is: each turn placed, is like shifting through the gearbox of an exotic car with a turbo power plant.

EVF technology is 21st century. Vacuum bag technology has been around for many years, but the EVF team has taken it to a new level with specially cut on a bias fiberglass cloth layers, giving a more hand-lam feeling regarding overall board flex. These boards also have exotic, knock out paint jobs designed to look great, and block out harmful UV rays. The paintjob and the extra cloth layers tend to keep this board in the lineup with its increased strength and longer lifetime. Finished weight with all fins and straps installed, is about 7 lbs (3.15 kgs).

Surfboard Skate Surfboard Quad Surfboard 6er Surfboard EVF