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When LF Designer Jimmy Redmon and Team Rider Mauricio Abreu set out to work on Mauricio's first pro model kiteboard, their goal was to make a board that could be ridden finless but still have insane pop and could edge well up wind. Through their relentless R&D they found the prefect balance between pop and speed by integrating the first true single to double concave bottom on a kiteboard. The result was an ultimate freeride kiteboard that was perfect for wake style as well as slashing the tops off of waves. New for 2009, the Concept is now available in 3 different constructions: Concept, Concept Grind and Concept LTD.

Board Style: Progressive Freeride / Wakestyle

Design Features

  • Single to Double Concave
  • Aggressive Continuous Rocker
  • Lightweight Construction
  • Reinforced Slider Grind Base Construction (Concept Grind)
  • Ultra Lightweight Construction (Concet LTD)
  • Variable Edge Rail
  • Scalloped Tail Shape
  • Finless Riding Option
  • Specialized Freeride Flex Profile

Construction Features

  • Compression Molded
  • Molded Composite Core
  • Variable Edge ABS Sidewall
  • Matte Top and Bottom
  • Ptex Bottom (Concept Grind)
Concept 135-139 Concept 135-139 LTD Concept 135-139 Grind