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James Boulding

Alex Jowett : Photographer, Writer, Artist
“…James, hmmm for someone who has a 1st in maths he really should have worked out the maths and not been a kiter, he could be making some big bucks in the city by now or saving the planet. I recon that’s pretty cool, you know he’s in it for the love and to push the sport. He’s a fussy bloke though, everything has to look good, whether it’s landing a new trick or filming a clip, which I think shows in his riding, just don’t tell him it looks “ok…”

Sam Light – Pro Kitesurfer
“…James Boulding (or Jamie to me) is the most frustrating bloke on the planet. From first seeing him play the trumpet (yes people, the guy has played Jazz Trumpet professionally!) to seeing him throw down on the water he does it in style; but meet him and he is the most unassuming and modest guy ever. The most loyal friend in the world and annoyingly impossible to hate he seems to get away with taking the piss out of everyone and being a grumpy git, and yet everyone seems to walk away liking him. Most importantly NEVER expect to go out and shark with him, he is useless at talking to girls!…”

James’ Riding Shots

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