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Brandon Scheid

Bryan Elkus, Professional photographer Quote
Brandon Schied is dedicated. I always new he was a good rider, but over the last year Brandon has really stepped up his game and I’m not the only one who has noticed it. With solid grabs, tweaked out maneuvers and a refined areal attack he proves to be a force to be reckoned with. But the best is that, he is always down for giving pointers when someone is working on a trick. It must be from being a coach that he knows exactly how to say it so you can stomp the trick on the next try.

Craig Cunningham, LF international support team Quote
Huh, how to describe Brandon? I guess if I had to sum him up in one word it would be POWERED! This kid rips hard at everything he does and holds nothing back whether it be on water, snow or concrete. Growing up in Michigan Brandon got his first taste of kiteboarding on the Great Lakes but knew he wanted to be somewhere where he could really push his riding full time and that’s just what he did. Picked up and moved to Waves, NC and started his kiteboarding career. Now coming into his 5′th season Brandon is charging and the momentum isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Whenever he’s riding the energy level is always really high and everybody feeds off it! When he’s done riding though he’s such a chill guy, always down to help anybody out, super friendly and definitely has the right mind set to become a household name in the kiteboarding industry! Watch out for Brandon Scheid this year! This dude is blowing up…

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