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Trusted Waters

Trusted Waters began with professional waterman Julien Fillion’s obsessive guitar playing and compulsive writing of music and lyrics. Then, he met Toby Gendron, who happens to be one of Montreal’s most famous producers/studio engineers. They connected and teamed up.

Together, they brought a melting pot of amazing musicians from all sectors of Montreal’s insanely rich music scene. The collective’s goal : bring Julien’s musical vision to life. While pushing the boundaries of INDIE/ROCK into progressive structures with that unique Montreal sound, the final result showcases their passion for what they do best, play music!

Julien’s vision and the musicians’ collective came together under veteran producer Toby Gendron’s masterful direction. Gendron gave the collective the room it needed to play, the guidance not to get lost, and the setting to have fun in his notoriously relaxed yet professional Montreal studio, the Gypsy room. The result, a sound that is at once sober and sophisticated. “It was really magic,” says Julien. “Everyone was so stoked. And generous. And everyone gave. These are amazing musicians who respected what I wanted to do but also created in their own right.”

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