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Julien Fillion

Jason Slezak’s Quote
Julien Fillion is an amazing athlete and an amazing designer! Through working and traveling with him over the past few years I have gained not only a huge amount of respect for him but also a great friend. He puts 100% into everything he does, whether its designing a new kite or accessory for Liquid Force, charging big waves while tow surfing, kiting on both snow and water, standup paddle boarding during his stays in Cape Hatteras, or writing and playing music. Julien is a man of many talents and has managed to produce the highest performing kiteboarding gear on the market to date (making my life and my job MUCH more fun!)! I can’t even imagine what advancements he is already working on in his head to further push our sport, I can only look forward to putting his ideas to use on the water!

Darren Edwards Quote
It’s easy to underestimate a guy like Fillion, his extremely easy going, laid back attitude can be easily mistaken for shyness. You won’t find Fillion boasting about his last trick or asking if you saw him killin’ it during his last wave session, instead Fillion lets his riding do the talking. Whether he’s pressing the crap out of the sliders in Hatteras, SUPing or towing into monster waves in Hawaii, or kitesurfing river waves in Canada, Fillion’s all round talent speaks volumes. But sit down at a coffee shop with this guy and you’ll quickly find out about his wicked sense of humor, he has a tight core of friends and family spread out across the globe, so that no matter where he is, he’s surrounded by people with a like-minded attitude. And after all that it’s also easy to forget that he’s the lead designer for LF, and designs the greatest kite gear on earth.

Pro Big Wave Surfer Eraldo Gueiros
I have to say that this guy is a 100% Waterman. He’s always in the water, promotes many water sports all year around, in any conditions and environments… Most of all, he always stays calm and keeps a really good attitude, even when the situations get a bit touchy and rough around the corners… Julien already achieved so many things, and always pushes the limits further and explores new possibilities. Aloha Julien!

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