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‘Big’ is the first word that comes to mind when I think of Jason Slezak. He’s a big guy and likes big thrills. I’ve been shooting him doing big things since 2001, and I see no sign of him slowing down, or going any smaller, any time soon. Yet with all the drive and passion there’s a humility and kindness that makes Jason one of everyone’s favorite riders, and an all-time guy to work with. I’m looking forward to another year of adventure and action, and I’m sure Slezy will have another big part in it.

Bryan Elkus Quote
Ha! Really? You want to know about Slezy? Well for those of you who have yet to meet Mr. Slezak you are missing out. Along with some of the best stories I have ever heard, Slezy brings style, drive and a vision of the sport to the table like only a few can. Jason’s style has been a staple in the sport since nearly the beginning, while his drive through, hard work and dedication (which few outsiders get to see), pushes the sport in a positive direction. From his first hit on the 80’+ JWCF slider, (a perfect board slide from end to end, while it took the rest of us weeks to do it.) to his powered flat-water tricks, he continues to push me, and the entire Hatteras Crew, to be a better riders everyday.

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