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Jan Schiegnitz

Gary Siskar Quote
Born in ’87 in a city between the Alps and the Baltic Sea. After my high school graduation I left home, and went out looking for the best surf spots in the world on an around-the-world airline pass. Now, three years later, I’m on the LF international team, still riding all over the world, taking part in the PKRA World Cup, European Kitesurf Tour, competing at the Kitesurf Trophy and freeride events. Having more fun than ever before. Already 2011 seems like an another sick year. Stay tuned!

Thomas Alsbirk Quote
The first time I met Jan was at the Xboard Games in Copenhagen in 2007. He was modest, humble and very happy to get a wildcard. When he got on the water, everyone started turning heads immediately. Who was this young blonde german kid that no-one her knew much about? Right away he started pulling one big move after the other despite the very tricky conditions. Already back then it was easy to tell that Jan would be one of the guys to watch in the years to come.
Since then I have had the pleasure of riding with Jan at several occasions, he is one of those guys that always makes you wanna go for it when you see him ride. Last time I saw him was at the Slide´N´Ride event, where he totally conquered with his stylish riding and very huge repetoire as well as his very inviting personality. At the moment Jan is leading the movement to make our sport legit in Northern Europe and his innovative work with photographer Jens Hogenkamp is setting new standards and has made him the centerfold darling of and many other magazines.

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