by Little Petter

March 14th, 2010

Day 3 : LF riders take 1st and 2nd at SuperFly Open

Day3, LF riders take 1st and 2nd at SuperFly Open

The Liquid Force crew got at it early today and headed up to Powder Mountain in style in the new team RV!  When we got up to the top of the mountain the conditions were looking a little less than perfect so we put the RV to use and waited around for a few hours.
Just after 12:30 the clouds broke and everything cleared up and the wind was blowing around 15 knots.  Pretty sick conditions for snow kiting!  We rode over to the event site and started pumping up our new Havocís Envyís and Hifi Comps.  After an hour or so of warm ups they started running the rail and freestyle competitions and the LF crew was going off!
When the event  wrapped up Liquid Force team riders Brandon Scheid and Craig Cunningham took 1, 2 spots in the freestyle event and  Brandon claimed second in the rails!

Big Thanks again to : Liquid Force Kites, Kicker

All pictures copyright to Alexis Rovira

Part of the trip :

Jason Slezak :

Julien Fillion :

Brandon Sheid :

Craig Cunningham :

Arla Funk :

Greg Gnecco

Alexis Rovira

Day 2 of the LF Snowkite 2010 Utah TourIn the morning, Jason Slezak, Arla Funk and Craig Cunningham went snowboarding at The Canyons. They spent most of the day cruising groomers and making laps through the park.When the crew came back to town, Julien, Jason and Craig went for a kite session in a field on the outskirts of Park City.  The wind was light but still enough for everyone to have fun! Most of the session was spent launching over a small bush in the field.

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