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Buy NowFor 2007, Liquid Force releases a brand new state of the art control system that features a 3D molded chicken loop, quick release and integrated cleat Depower System. The bar comes with LF’s own High Quality pulley (for 2:1 control systems) which minimizes leader line ware and tear. The pulley is rated at whopping 400kg maximum load strength.  The mainline of the control system is composed of a super Durable 6mm dynema mainline. The control system also features a fully adjustable, on the fly stopper piece that does not involve screws or any other mechanical hardware.

Included with the MiG is the 5th line trimming system: By using the trimming system you can depower and adjust your 5th line on the fly.

LF’s new fully adjustable stopper piece will now allow you to adjust the length of your chicken loop main-line length on the fly. This new adjustable stopper piece keeps the bar from going to high and can also be used to lock the power down against the chicken loop. In a situation where you would want to completely de-power your kite, simply release the bar and the chicken loop by holding the main-line and the stopper piece will slide up to the top releasing most or all of the power of the kite.  In the event you want more de-power while riding, the stopper piece can be adjusted quickly on the fly with complete ease.

A new but innovative feature of the 07 control system is the anti wiping “torpedo” plug.  When riding the kite de-powered, this plug will take up the slack and help to store extra line. To activate, simply insert the plug into the chicken loop to prevent the slacked line and leash from wiping around.  In the event that the bar needs to be released the plug will come out with ease.

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