Claire Lutz kiting Bahamas and swimming with pigs

LF rider Claire Lutz enjoyed the beautiful Bahamas and went swimming with some of her new friends 😉 check it out!

I ended up having a really great trip to the Bahamas, I decided last minute to fly there, with no plan and no place to stay.. I went there only knowing one person, who is AJ Watson, the owner and operator of the only kite school in the Bahamas called Cross-Shore Kiteboarding. He was nice enough to pick me up from the airport and even give me a place to crash for a few days. He worked really hard taking me around to every kite spot and even took photos of me. He also introduced me to a bunch of amazing people which led to a ton of great things by his suggestion and random turns of events.
After being in Nassau, the Bahamian capital for a week, AJ suggested I email a friend of his who is a captain on a 62 foot catamaran yacht named Sparrow. After emailing him I was on a plane the next day to Staniel’s Cay.

I was picked up from the airport via Dinghy and was brought to my new home. Being in Staniel’s was a very interesting time. It was such a beautiful place, and I met so many great people from other boats and even my own! The captain of Sparrow was also a kitesurfer, so we took a few sessions together in Staniel’s. A group of us became friends and would go spear fishing everyday and eat the fish that were caught. We had beach bon fires, swam with pigs and did I mention snorkeling in ThunderBall Cave where 007 was filmed? Instead of cars you took boats to get around, this place was unreal.



I spent about 10 days on the yacht until we sailed back to Nassau, stopping in Norman’s Cay where I had the best session of my trip. It was beautiful flat water as far as the eye could see. Unfortunately we only got to spend one day there. After being back in Nassau I met even more great people who gave me places to stay and even took me wakeboarding. I was so lucky to meet everyone I did, and to get to kite in the “local” kite spots that most tourists wouldn’t ever know about. I had a ton of great sessions on my LF envy’s and Bliss 134. Without the kindness of others, my trip wouldn’t of been possible. I feel blessed .