Michael Juhl escaped the winter in Denmark and went on a trip to Cabo Verde to find some nice waves. Here is his story:

Just came back from a trip to Isla Sal in Cabo Verde…..

The quest was to find some nice waves, sun, wind and epic surroundings! That is what you get on Sal:

Santa Maria, Sal has all – in one sentence: Mediterranean village, meets Africa, with a scent of the Caribbean J

Well we got what we looked for and more…..

In 9 days we have 8 days of wind, we had wave side shore, off shore, on shore, well we had wave in any size!

  • Punta Preta is a big pile of bogus – it’s 150 meters long, and work only on special occasions! Don’t go there for that!
  • Punta Leme has an outer and an inner break – the other break can be good on really windy days, it’s going both ways, all can ride it, you need a leach or your board might die! The inner break is special you ride on 50cm of water with your nose over rocks – but it’s dead off shore so there is no immediate danger! This break is FUN fun fun!
  • Kite beach is what it is, to many kiters – fighting over a small area of the HUGE bay! Why they all want to be at the break point with TT, Mutants, Windsurfers and whatever I didn’t quite get!

The wind is steady, the beach is nice, there are all kind of condition point break, ramps to jump on, chop even a bit of flat water! The color of the water is stunning!

There are at least another 10 spots up and down the coast around Santa Maria, try’m out! There is one for you!

On top of all this I had some epic days with dear friends of mine – and found new!!

So from the cold North – Obrigado e bom dia!!!

Posted by Nils Knoop