LF rider Thomas Alsbirk invited some kiteboarders to the Brown Lagoon! Check out their session!

Wednesday I was invited to do some kiteshots by the develepors of PhaseOne cameras, who has their R&D situated here in Copenhagen. In May PhaseOne released a new 80 mpix 50.000 dollar camera with a very huge sensor and an amazing 1/1600th of a second flash syncronisation.

The goal for our shoot was to get some significantly different daytime shots with high shutterspeeds and use of powerful flashes end the extreme field of depth this camera allows for.

The shots and a “behind the scenes video” will be used as marketing for PhaseOne, and Im pretty excited to be a part of all this since PhaseOne at the moment is growing as trendsetter and with their new prosumer cameras.

We went to the infamous “Brown Lagoon” and the crew from PhaseOne with Peter Tirsgaard behind the camera, brought their piles of expensive flashes, lenses and accesories over the muddy water of the lagoon.

I rigged my Nirvana 11m2 and rode my DLX 138 during most of the shot.
In the beginning I was well overpowered, while 2 hours later I found myself underpowered on the 13m2 Nirvana.

The crew worked hard to get the shots and I was told to get as close as possible to the camera, but I was a little worried about splashing a camera worth 50k $. One of the powerstations for the huge flashes failed after a spray with brownish water, but this was not the first equipment to die in the mud of the brown lagoon.

Getting the shots was hard work but a lot of fun, most of my air tricks ended up to far away from the flash to light me up proper as I was blown out and went pretty huge, so we decided to get some nice close shots with a lot of water moving and tried to get some nice presses done.

In the end we had 270 shots each taking up 120mb as TIFF files, and I have not seen the result yet – but I got these 3 previews which has been pulled directly out of the RAW converted without any manipulations. Next week I´m invited to PhaseOne HQ to check the result and there I can pic some shots to bring along.


Thomas Alsbirk

Posted by Nils Knoop