I spent the last three weeks in Brazil, home of laid-back lifestyle, hot brazilian models and…oh, yeah: sun and a ton of wind! The conditions here are simply mind-blowing. Everyday you wake up and the palm trees in the garden are already shaking and with the knowledge that its gonna be windy the whole day anyway, you enjoy the great breakfast before starting another day of epic kitesurfing in beautiful Brazil.

During the time in Cumbuco, I also met LF team rider Netinho, who calls this place his home-spot. At Lagoa Cauipe, a small lagoon that is just 6km downwind from Cumbuco, he demonstrates what modern wakestyle looks like. Insane!

So, here are some impressions from my three-week stay in Cumbuco! You might wonder about the hot brazilian models…well, I have to admit that until now, I haven’t really found them…still searching though!

Posted by Nils Knoop