Our team rider Brandon Scheid is at Maui and explores the island. Check out the great pics and his experiences.

So we’ve just arrived on the beautiful Island of Maui.  We have had a few days to settle in, get gear lined up, get some surf boards, and sample some of the local dining.  Let me tell you its a big step up from the Philippines.  We have been hiking most mornings and scored a few surf sessions.  I officially caught my first Hawaiian right!    The wind hasn’t shown its face yet, but the surf is starting to fill in.  Looks like the next few days are going to be insane.  Cant wait to try all my new Liquid Force Gear.  I’m here with fellow LF team rider Craig Cunningham and Northern brethren  Sam Medysky  We also managed to catch a Pepper show in a sick outdoor venue, not to shabby.  I am having a blast here already, can’t wait for more.

Posted by Nils Knoop