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Twenty years ago, we started making boards for one simple reason – to have more fun. It all started with looking for something to do while standing sideways behind a boat. First – everyone was a skater, and a surfer. It seemed a natural extension to surf behind a boat when it was flat. Then came the desire to get air and stay connected to your board. So with a little imagination, countless hours in the shaping room, and a pair of sailboard footstraps, we were flying wake to wake and having the most fun we’ve ever had behind a boat. But this was just the beginning - a new sport was about to be born and grow into something we could only dream about.

With vision and passion, our play became our work and then our life. The boards began to evolve as our skills improved and the sport grew. The first directional shapes came from surfing. Skating and snowboarding were the influences behind the first twin tip. From that point forward, creative wakeboarders and kiteboarders have been the major source of inspiration for the new shapes that we have today. Our passion that sparked the birth of wakeboarding has evolved and can be experienced in one ride on our kites and boards.

Liquid Force was founded ten years ago to finally realize our dream – to make the best products possible while having the most fun – continuing to make our work our play, and our lives our fun.

Now everything has come full circle. Our wakeboarding roots have recombined with our surfing passion to create new shapes to take your kiting to new levels in all conditions. We’re now skating and surfing all the time whether we’re holding onto a handle or a control bar. We’ve never been more stoked than now with what we’ve created for FUN.

Jimmy Redmon



Our Durable, Polyurethane Core. This solid foundation is specially designed to be extremely strong, while maintaining a lively flex pattern.
Our lightweight, specially formulated and aerated Polyurethane core. We’ve managed to dramatically reduce the weight of this core, while maintaining the strength and flex pattern associated with the standard Polycore.
The Divinycell foam that Liquid Force uses has the highest strength to weight ratio of any other foam, and won’t take on water like some cheaper foams or balsa cores. Our foam has been tested for years to ensure that it maintains its responsiveness and strength for the life of your board.

The most important thing. Really, the only thing that matters in a board. Our boards are all shaped by the best shapers in the world. Our shapers utilize 20+ years of shaping experience combining years of shaping for many different board sports to bring you the best kiteboards in the world.

By moving the parting line up, we’ve created stronger rails with a softer, more controlled feeling on the water. Also, won’t hurt as much when you drop your board on your toe.
Deep single concave bottom. Allows you to ride flatter while still edging hard.
All Liquid Force boards have the graphics sublimated into the PBT top and bottom sheets. The best looking graphics in the world will not rub off or fade away in the sun.
Computer foiled fins designed to have the greatest hold and least amount of drag and a perfectly molded fin every time. Resin molded for the highest strength available.
Indestructible, lightweight and shiny.
Snowboards and wakeboards have been using it for years... we’ve perfected it. Lightweight, flexible and strong. All Liquid Force boards have it on the deck and the base
Part cap, part sidewall. Utilizing snowboard technology, but taking it to the next level. Limited edition boards incorporate ABS sidewalls, partially capped for the strongest, lightest most responsive boards on the planet. Did we mention that the partial cap creates the perfect round rail shape?





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