Liquid Force Lithium 145 and 155 are back by popular demand!! Using innovative fin designs and placement we've been able to give a board the hold you want while using smaller fins. The 1.2 inch cupped side fins sit on the edge of a rail and once rolled on edge, create the profile of a larger fin. The cupping also allows for less drag on the fin allowing you to plane quicker and faster riding. The features of the Lithium don't stop there either. Using a scalloped swallow tail we've been able to create a board design that generates insane speed out of turns and with a deep four channeled hull you'll definitely notice the grip of the four cupped
side fins.
Liquid Force Lithium 145 - 145cm x 38.5cm


Indestructible PBT Base
Liquid Force Super Core

Four 1.25" patented cupped side fins

Superior board design integrating rail outline with bottom channels and fins