Liquid Force Kites



SIZES: 140 X 45 // 145 X 46

Single Concave Bottom Shape
The single concave of the WLF is drawn from the history of our long line of popular and successful single concave boards. The minimalistic bottom contour of the WLF is virtually drag free yet channels the flow of water from the tip to the tail providing an efficient AND high performance light wind ride.

Pulled in Squash Tip/Tail
The pulled in squash tip/tail of the WLF completes the boards full outline providing more surface area on the water for maximized low end AND added pop!

ABS Sidewall Construction
The ABS sidewall of the WLF provides ultra responsive rebound and rigidity for the least amount of energy lost allowing you to make the most out of light wind conditions.

Integrated “Thumb Rail” Deck Contours
The LF “thumb rail” deck contours provide more than just a convenient way to carry your board! The “thumb rails” add increased strength and durability between the feet, allowing the core to be as thin as possible without sacrificing strength.