Liquid Force/ DeCosse Alliance : The Ultimate Kite Snowboard

The 2009 Liquid Force : DeCosse Alliance Snowboard has been relentlessly tested and designed for optimum performance riding and edging behind a kite, while maintaining it’s ability to shred the mountain, make gnarly turns, etc.

Running Lenght : 1590mm Waist Width : 252.7mm
SideCut Radius : 9m Nose Width : 291mm
Tail Width : 291mm Bottom shape : Camber
ABS Sidewall Core: Wood
Top: Gloss Bottom: PTEX
Specialized Kiteboard Side-cut Radius

Whether you are brand new to the sport of snow kiting or a seasoned vet, you need look no further for the best true kite specific snowboard on the market. The new Liquid Force DeCosse is the board that will both help you learn very quickly, while also helping you take your riding to that next elite level.

For the past few years Canadian custom snowboard maker Sheldon DeCosse has used his skills and custom manufacturing facilities to design and produce the ultimate snow kiteboard. Working with top athletes from all over the world, specifically with the top names in Norway, Sheldon has been able to design a board that serves the specific needs of progressive snowkiters, while also making the board fun to ride downhill. Up until this point, a DeCosse custom kite snowboard has only been available via a personal order with Sheldon in Canada. With the Alliance Snowboard program Liquid Force has teamed up our manufacturing facilities and worldwide distribution network with Sheldon’s superior shapes and technology to make the LF/DeCosse Alliance kite snowboards available to anyone worldwide at your local Liquid Force retailer!