SIZES: 133 X 41 // 136 X 41.5 // 139 X 42

Double Concave to Double Channel Bottom Contours
The Kaos has a hydrodynamic bottom contour consisting of a double concave through the center of the board and a convex outlined subtle double channel through the tip/tail. The double concave center helps the board maintain speed while breaking the water on landings and while riding through chop, while the convex outline of the tip/tail channels gives extra lift in the tip/tail for better lowend performance and enables faster waterflow throughout the length of the board without creating turbulence or excess drag.

Custom Kaos Slot Tip/Tail Design
Following the outline of the bottom concaves, the slot tip/tail allows for super clean water release from the board, thus enhancing the performance and helping with low end glide.

Liquid Rail Sidewall Construction
New for 2010 the Liquid Rails replace our standard ABS sidewall. This new rail has proven to be unsurpassed in durability and provides a superior bond to the top and bottom sheet virtually eliminating delams! This rail will stand up to a beating on rocks, rails, or just normal everyday use!

Precision CNC Wood/PVC Foam Combination Core
Another new technology advancement for 2010 is the addition of our combination ??? Wood/PVC foam core. The wood gives our boards the most lively flex of any boards on the market while the foam keeps the weight to a minimum, providing the best ride money can buy!

LF Competition Flex Profile
The tri-axial glass layup in the 2010 Kaos allows for a super precise competition flex profile. The flex of the Kaos has been engineered to be a bit stiffer lengthwise and slightly softer torsionally than the LF freeride boards. The competition flex of the Kaos will provide massive pop while still absorbing chop and impact on landings.

Integrated “Thumb Rail” Deck Contours
The LF “thumb rail” deck contours provide more than just a convenient way to carry your board! The “thumb rails” provide increased strength and durability between the feet, allowing the core to be as thin as possible without sacrificing strength.

Top and Bottom Graphic Treatments
The gloss nylon topsheet of the Kaos is our most technical graphic treatment ever! Sublimated graphics, combined with screen printing, and tech windows make this graphic pop! The matte PBT bottom sheet features a bold LF Drop logo consisting of sublimated elements from the top sheet for a durable stylish ride!