Liquid Force Kites



SIZES: 134 X 41 // 138 X 42 // 142 X 43

Single to Double Concave Bottom Contour
The single concave through the center of the board provides better water flow and edge hold helping the board with its upwind ability. While the double concave through the tail breaks the water for softer landings and increased drive whether carving turns or riding finless.

Liquid Rail Sidewall Construction
New for 2010 the Liquid Rails replace our standard ABS sidewall. This new rail has proven to be unsurpassed in durability and provides a superior bond to the top and bottom sheet virtually eliminating delams! This rail will stand up to a beating on rocks, rails, or just normal everyday use!

Precision CNC Wood/PVC Foam Combination Core
Another new technology advancement for 2010 is the addition of our combination Wood/PVC foam core. The wood gives our boards the most lively flex of any boards on the market while the foam keeps the weight to a minimum, providing the best ride money can buy!

Freeride Medium Flex Profile
The specific freeride medium flex of the Influence is perfectly suited for a wide range of riders and riding conditions. Enough flex to absorb chop and impact on landings, press a rail like never before, but not too much flex to loose pop or energy in light wind conditions.

Integrated “Thumb Rail” Deck Contours
The LF “thumb rail” deck contours provide more than just a convenient way to carry your board! The “thumb rails” provide increased strength and durability between the feet, allowing the core to be as thin as possible without sacrificing strength.

Top and Bottom Graphic Treatment
A matte PBT sublimated top and bottom sheet with gloss screen printed accents provide a lightweight durable finish with a superior bond to both core and rail materials. And for you jibbers out there, the matte finish PBT holds up better and has less friction than other base materials on the market.