Pure dedication!Muddy light wind session at 3rd Ave

“Urban Kiteboarding” is on! After sessions on various beaches along the californian coast and a stopp in the delta, the Pure Fun Tour entered 3rd Ave! The Bay Area welcomed the LF Crew with light wind and a very low tide that seemed to even surprise the many local riders that came out to 3rd Ave for a after-work session – “Wow, this is really low. I have not seen it like that in months” stated local LF rider Adam Rodriguez.

The way to the water included a “walk-of-mud”, which did not keep the dedicated local kiteboarders from entering the water at all. As the tide came in, also the wind picked up and Havocs and Envys as well as the kitefish, twinskim, influence, recoil, kaos, wlf and lowrider were tested by the 3rd Ave crowd. It was great to see the commitement of the riders and experience how urban kiteboarding looks like in the Bay Area!

The LF Pure Fun Tour continues on Friday, April 2nd and Saturday, April 3rd at Belmont Shores! see ya there!

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