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Pat Rawson Wins Brewer Shape-Off

Sunday, December 13th, 2009

From SurfLine :

Thousands pack Del Mar for Sacred Craft surfboard show


When it comes to shaping, the teacher always judges the apprentice. And even though Pat Rawson is a highly regarded shaper in his own right, legendary craftsman Dick Brewer was on hand to critique his work and ultimately award Rawson top honors during Sacred Craft’s “Tribute to the Masters Shape-off”.
Rawson bested legendary shapers Reno Abellira, Ricky Carroll, Gary Linden and Dennis Murphy as part of the weekend long celebration of the surfboard.
“I’m absolutely stoked,” said Rawson. “Brewer mentored me, so to win this event shaping one of his classic guns, with Dick here to help judge it, it’s absolutely fantastic. To shape with this great grouping of friends, all of whom respect and appreciate RB’s expertise, well, it has been a wonderful weekend for all involved.”

More than 5000 surfers, shapers, designers, and surfboard lovers attended the two-day Sacred Craft Surfboard Expo. Beautiful Brewers were everywhere. But the legendary Hawaiian shaper wasn’t monopolizing all the fun, as the Wyland Expo Hall was packed with a cornucopia of incredible surf craft.

Anonymous surfboard experts walked the show floor and awarded Australia’s Daniel Tomson of Tomo Surfboards with ‘Best of Show’ for his unique, performance oriented 5′3″ hydrofoil concept model that truly characterize what Sacred Craft is all about: cutting edge innovation, exquisite manufacturing and passionate out-of-the-box design. Gene Cooper’s Agave Special and a Dewey Weber Performer, complete with detailed fabric art, were honorable mentions. For Daniel Tomson’s efforts, Tomo Surfboards was awarded a free booth at the next Sacred Craft show.

A host of notables were in attendance including Donald Takayama, Mark Richards, Bing Copeland, Mike Hynson, Junior Seau, LJ Richards, Rob Machado, Brad Gerlach, Joel Tudor, Jamie Mitchell and many others. Legendary boards came out of the woodwork during the vintage surfboards antique road show which offered collectable board appraisal by experts such as Steve Pezman, Sam George, Bird Huffman, Barry Haun, Joe Tabler, and Dan Pincetich from the Surfing Heritage Foundation.

“The surfboard road show was a tremendous success. We didn’t really know if one board would turn up or if 300 boards were going to show up,” said Sacred Craft Director Scott Bass. “Luckily there was no shortage of gorgeous classic boards on hand. The results were so good it looks like we’ll have a nice little auction next year.”

The Sacred Craft Surfboard Expo will return to Ventura’s C-street in the springtime of 2010. Plans for Santa Cruz, Japan, Hawaii, and Huntington Beach are all in the works.

Julien Fillion World First Kitesurfing in R4 rated River Rapids

Sunday, October 11th, 2009

Intro of this unbeleivable Journey

Read Full Story and Pictures from SBC Kiteboarding here

French Version of the Story also avalable in Stance Mag here

Let me start off by saying, this is not a typical article, set in a typical place, or a typical wave, in a typical environment. Or by any means, was this ridden, by a typical rider.  First the place, the Lachine Rapids in the St-Lawrence River, picture 10,000 cubic meters or 2.6 million gallons per second, of water pouring over a series of shelves, reefs and rocky outcroppings.  Which drops 15m or 45ft in less than a 1km. creating a series of thunderous, awe inspiring chill inducing river rapids, which definitely would be the last place  you’d  want to take a kite.  But Julien Fillion is probably one of only 2 or 3 people in the world with the kite skill and whitewater  experience to handle such a gnarly environment.  (words from Darren Edwards)

Words from rescue team member Corran Addisson

The lachines rapids (and specifically the wave called mavericks) are a unique environment to  surf. It’s big and pushy and dangerous. The converging currents and under water caves makes this place both exciting and dangerous to surf. And I’m just talking about surfing, not kitesurfing.  Add the kite and lines to the mix and you have an extremely exciting and dangerous mix that will could bring high rewards just as quickly as it  could court disaster. Julien is probably the only person I know that has the combined skills as kitesurfer,  white- water kayaker and surfer to be able to pull this off.

It was one of the MOST AMAZING displays of skill, and understanding of the environment, that I’ve seen, AND I HAVE SEEN A LOT!!!

Corran Addison

Sheldon Decosse talks about the Liquid Force Kite Snowboard

Monday, September 21st, 2009

Sheldon Decosse, one of the world’s finest custom snowboard/ski designer talks about his Liquid Force Snowkite Special Snowboard.  What a good Alliance between Liquid Force and Sheldon Decosse.

Julien Fillion talks about the 2010 Kite Range and CPR Control System

Monday, September 21st, 2009

Straight from Hood River AWSI event, Julien Fillion talks about the New 2010 Havoc, Envy, Hifi Comp and also explains to us why the new CPR Control System is the safest and the most easy to use Control System in the Kiteboarding Industry.

Video from the Kiteboarder Magazine.

Liquid Force / Monster & MLK Party Best Ever Throw Down!

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

Super Sexy good time at the Liquid Force / Monster & MLK Party!

What an amazing night in Hood River last night.   300-400 people partied last night with swag from Monster / Liquid Force / MLK.

Liquid Force crew showed up in Style in their new RV ready to rock the HOOD!!!  Later in the night, couple cops showed and decided to party with everybody.  Few arrested but not detained for too long, just a time for a dance.

Would saying more, check out the first pictures! Thanks to Monster, MLK,, Second Wind, DJ Area 54, The Kiteboarder, RockWell


LF Team at the Slider Project in Hood River

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

Jason Slezak, Julien Fillion, Mauricio Abreu, Chris Burke (UK) were ripping at the Hood River Slider Project this past weekend.  Along with Real/LF riders Brandon Scheid and Laura Vromam, everybody got their share of the multiple sliders built by the Slider Project Team.

Thanks to Second Wind for all the party and making us feel like Home in the Hood…

Let’s not forget Tekko (famous LF team Manager) and Tonia Gnecco (Kiteboarding for Cancer Foundation) who transformed their White Salmon house into an B&B during the event.

AND Remember, everything is GOOD IN THE HOOD!!  From the LF Team!