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The Basics and History of Snowkiting

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

Liquid Force team riders Arla Funk and Brandon Scheid featured on Park City TV!

During a recent photo shoot in Park City, Utah, Liquid Force team riders Arla and Brandon were requested to give a brief history and glimps into the growing sport of snowkiting! LF Teamrider Brandon Scheid – “just a short video that I shot for Park City Television while I was in Utah.  Actually turned out great for the conditions, I’m pretty pleased.”

Who is Rodger Hudritsch?

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

I’ll tell you who he is!  Rodger has got to be one of the most stoked and wind hungry kiteboarders on the planet. Dedicated from tip to toe!  He can be found searching out wind on any given day in Southern California, and he is always the first one to find it! Roger is the guy you would call to get a quick update from the wind conditions at the beach. Plus Roger has some skill with a kite in the air and board under his feet.

Here are a few shots of Roger getting loose at his local spot, Cardiff Reef.

100% jazzed and happy kiting anything all the time! Rodger is also “that guy” that will gladly always lend a hand…and he will lend you a kite!  Feel free if you see him on the beach to ask him to try an LF kite!!  Normally he will have an extra one to put in your hand for ride!  We are stoked to have Rodger riding LF!

Some Spain pictures from Sebastian Lang

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Pure fun in Spain!!!

Julien’s World First River Kitesurfing on SBC Kiteboard (dot) com

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

Read Full story here on SBC

“A simple pull down into one of the many seams behind the wave would tangle him irrevocably in his lines, and impede his ability to swim towards the surface. All too often he had been pulled down into the deep blackness of Mavericks’ anterior room, silent, crushing, black.”

Let me start off by saying, this is not a typical article, set in a typical place, or a typical wave, in a typical environment. Or by any means, was this ridden, by a typical rider. First, the place: the Lachine Rapids, on the St. Lawrence River. Picture 2.6-million gallons per second of water pouring over a series of shelves, reefs and rocky outcroppings. This drops 45 feet in less than a 3/4 of a mile creating a series of thunderous, awe-inspiring, chill-inducing river rapids, which definitely would be the last place you’d want to take a kite. But Julien Fillion is probably one of only two or three people in the world with the kite skill and whitewater experience to handle such a gnarly environment.
Dreams. We all have them, and we all work towards them. For most of us, our dreams are based on something that we’ve seen on TV, in a movie or magazine. But for Julien Fillion this dream was something that no one else had done, and no one else had, to his knowledge, even thought of.
From an early age Fillion used the waters of the St. Lawrence around his childhood home in Hull, Que., as a place to grow his water roots. What Fillion didn’t know was these experiences and skills were helping him prepare for his future dreams.
“Two years ago, in order to take my goal to the next level, I teamed up with Corran Addison, one of the godfathers of river surfing,” Fillion said. “Together as a tow-in team we’ve mastered the Lachine Rapids using a Jet Ski to tow into waves just like I do in Hawaii during winter to tow into big outside reef waves, and we have learned as much as you possibly can about these rapids.”
Addison has been tow-surfing the river waves of the Lachine Rapids in Montreal for the past eight years and has over 30 years of whitewater experience under his belt. Addison is no stranger to firsts either; in the late ’80s he held the record for highest waterfall drop in a kayak at 101 feet, a record that stood for nearly two decades. And his extensive knowledge of river waves in a whitewater setting helped the Addison/Fillion team to test and design boards to surf the river waves.

Follow the rest of the story here on

Julien Fillion’s Web 3.0

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

Julien Fillion is pleased to introduce his new Waterman’s Profile Website.  It has been optimized to the latest web 3.0 features which will allow you to have an exclusive view into Julien’s world of passions.  

Through his site you will be able to follow his path, via a global position system, in the search of epic big wave surfing, kitesurfing, and standup paddling. You will also get sneek peeks of julien’s new designs that he will be testing in the field along with pro rider teammates.  

Thanks for looking! and please check back for weekly news updates and videos.

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Who is Hunter Williams?

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

Who is Hunter Williams?

You will get to know Hunter Williams real quick if you end up kiting the central coast of California.  I first met Hunter on a covert mission to Jalama.  After I fought the mind altering shore pound and macking outside rollers for about an hour, here comes this guy, all mellow, drops his board on the water and immediately starts to hack the waves apart like mad with ultra style.  And guess was Hunter!  He is a wizard in the waves throwing pure surf style that will put a smile on any surf dogs face, and inspire any kite surfer to ditch the straps…

Recently Hunter took his wave riding show to the northern California fabled spot know as Scotts Creek.  With solid surf, and even more solid rip running through the channel, Hunter showed the both who is the boss!!

3rd Ave crew demos 2010 LF equipment

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

3rd Ave local rider Clark provided us with more photos from the LF stop at the Bay Area during the Pure Fun Tour. Thanks to Adam, Clark and the local crew for this successful demo!

Got a kite? All on the water bro!!!Belmont Shore #2

Monday, April 5th, 2010

“Are you guys doing some kind of demo or what?” – Yes, we do! Which kite and board do you wanna ride???

The second day of the demo at Belmont Shores was a great success. There were times when we looked around and only saw a havoc 16 still lying on the beach while envys and havocs in almost all sizes were on the water! From beginner to expert, everybody had a blast and seemed like people had pure fun on the 2010 equipment!

After a long day, the already renowned LF cookies were served and it only took a few seconds to have a crowd gathered around the nicely smelling RV oven!

The local LF shop Kitesurfari layed out the red carpet for us and without them, this stopp would not have been such a success! Robert and his crew were insane and it was a pleasure for us having them as our local support in Belmont Shore!

The next stopp of the Pure Fun tour will be on April 9th, just around the corner of our office in Encinitas at Tourmaline Beach! Check it out!

RV rollin into Belmont Shores

Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

Belmont Shores was on yesterday! The RV is still on tour for bringing PURE FUN and wind to places around california. As soon as the wind dropped in, kiteboarders showed up testing Havocs and Envys. For the light winds at the beginning of the afternoon, the skateboard and trainerkite on land as well as the lowriders, twinskim and kitefish on the water was the best choice. Later the wind increased and influence, recoil and wlf as well as wlf were used to shred Belmont Shores.

The Kitesurfari Crew gave amazing support to the demo and the RV is already rollin up to Belmont again for another demo day. come out and experience pure fun with LF 2010

Juan Ricci goes fishing with a kite

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

Liquid Force rider Juan Ricci lands……

Juan Ricci puts it all together…his love for kiting and fishing…as he says “it all started last summer when it is really windy and no surf, after days of killing myself doing freestyle, it was time for something different” after some thought…”I love fishing, and more eating it”

So, Juan rigged line and went fishing off Kite Beach.  His equipment of choice: 6’ LF surfboard and a Havoc kite.  Tie a line off and go troll the outer reefs.

You are probably wondering what the best catch has been so far…The Olua takes the prize.  After a 1-hour fight it was on the beach for some sashimi and cold beers!

Juan recommends giving fishing a try with a kite..But be warned, he says that with everything going on with the kite, board, lines, fishing line, you need to have some advanced skill.