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PURE FUN TOUR Belmont Shore April 2nd and 3rd! Join us!

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

The RV is still rolling and the PURE FUN Tour continues in Belmont Shores on April 2nd and April 3rd.

Meet you guys there!

Pure dedication!Muddy light wind session at 3rd Ave

Monday, March 29th, 2010

“Urban Kiteboarding” is on! After sessions on various beaches along the californian coast and a stopp in the delta, the Pure Fun Tour entered 3rd Ave! The Bay Area welcomed the LF Crew with light wind and a very low tide that seemed to even surprise the many local riders that came out to 3rd Ave for a after-work session – “Wow, this is really low. I have not seen it like that in months” stated local LF rider Adam Rodriguez.

The way to the water included a “walk-of-mud”, which did not keep the dedicated local kiteboarders from entering the water at all. As the tide came in, also the wind picked up and Havocs and Envys as well as the kitefish, twinskim, influence, recoil, kaos, wlf and lowrider were tested by the 3rd Ave crowd. It was great to see the commitement of the riders and experience how urban kiteboarding looks like in the Bay Area!

The LF Pure Fun Tour continues on Friday, April 2nd and Saturday, April 3rd at Belmont Shores! see ya there!

It’s all about warm cookies and cold beer! Waddell take 2!

Friday, March 26th, 2010

Warm cookies!  Waddell take 2!

The Liquid Force RV headed back to Waddell today for a fruitful wave session, a swim through a rather large rip, and some warm cookies!!!!

The north coast of California is a rugged place.  For sure it is not for the faint hearted.  Solid overhead surf poured in with a rising tide.  The winds again were teasing all day long until late then it came up and blew all over the map.  Started out pretty light, ramped up to blasting where it hovered for about 45 min. then dropped to 0 in about 5 min.  That caught some people off guard and sent a few for a tour and workout session in the infamous Waddell rip.   Nonetheless people tried some kites, slashed some waves, rode some nuggets and then were greeted on the beach with warm batches of chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the Liquid Force RV oven.

Sherman Island blown away!!!

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

Sherman Island blown away!!!

Sherman Island, CA Liquid Force “Pure Fun” tour stop!  What started out as a sweltery, still, looking like we just might get skunked wind day quickly turned around.  After a much-needed RV reorganization effort the good karma of spreading the LF love paid off with a record setting ramp up of wind!

LF mega rep Gregg “tekko” Gnecco some how held down the 12m Envy showing that kite has the range to handle 20 to 30knts of wind!!!  Yeah yeah he should have been on 10…or maybe an 8…so, we will give this the disclaimer of  “don’t try this at your spot”.

Brandon Scheid in Hatty

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

LF Team Rider Brandon Scheid spent the last days in Cape Hatteras and shows whats going on on the westcoast!

It was another great day to be on Hatteras Island!  I awoke to the rushing sound of wind on my window, thats got to be the worlds best alarm clock.  It took me awhile to roll out of bed and get moving after the previous days sessions.  We gathered the troops and made some grub, which gave the temps time to climb.
No shorts…No problem!
Nice Setup
Trevor, BCS, and I hit the slick.  I was riding my 11m Hi-Fi and Kaos and Trevor was riding the 8m Envy.  The wind started out strong and faded through the session making it hard to get solid pop.  The Kaos was performing well in the conditions, with its flatter rocker outline it cranks upwind even in the lighter wind.  We still managed to land some powered tricks before the wind completely faded.

After packing up all the gear and grabbing a quick bite we jetted off to Oregon Inlet to go kiteskating.  We showed up and the wind was trickling off, we put kites up anywase.  It ended up being a blast and we all scored some fun riding.
As if that wasn’t enough the day ended with a beautiful sunset. I wouldn’t want it any other way, it’s days like today that make you happy to be living in Hatteras.

East-Coast final days testing 2011 LF gear

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

Jason Slezak, Thomas Alsbirk and myself (Julien Fillion) have been testing and doing final tweaks on the 2011 Liquid Force Kite gear on the East-Coast in Hatteras

We had some good time in the slick, riding perfect flat water conditions, But most importantly we also had crazy stormy weather to test the reliability of the gear. Yesterday was time to hit the waves using the new 2011 kites, and see how the water relaunch in the head high waves on OBX would be. The kites did superb in the surf and everybody came back to the beach with a major Smile on their face.. here’s couple shots from afternoon.

Jason and I have been also shooting some LF minute, which will be online in the next few days.  Stay tuned.

Scoring Pure Fun in Waddell, Santa Cruz

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Where the heck RV going!!!!!!!!!!!!  Well, straight to Santa Cruz that is.  The Liquid Force “Pure Fun” tour made it to Waddell and had a ripping session with the Santa Cruz crew.  We rolled in to the lot around 2pm with very very light wind and some pretty solid surf.  Slowly but surely the loc’s showed up, pumped up, and blew up!!!  The riders here are amazing.  Some of the best wave slashing I have seen!

LF rider Josh Mulcoy went out and grabbed a solid kitesurf session.  Riding the Rawson 6’0” quad and a 10m Havoc!  Tons of tail busting, and air throwing going on!

Follow us on twitter for the updated location of the LF RV and where the wind is…Just ask us and we will throw a kite in the air for you to try!

Pure Fun in Pismo

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

The Kite Expo in Pismo finished with a finale grande! No, no, still no wind, but the “LF-pump-up-the-kite-as-fast-as-you-can-contest” finally energized the crowd. It was a close final Havoc 12 pump up for a LF WLF Board. In the end, Storm Dunker took the win and was stocked about his new board.

After the Kite Expo, the LF Crew decided to extend the demo for one more day in pismo and enjoyed the night in the local hotel’s jaccuzzi. It was the right decision in every way! The next day, the wind blow between 20 and 28mph and about 40 kiteboarders found its way to the beach. LF Envy and Havoc in all sizes plus boards were tested throughout the day and riders came back with a big smile on their faces…

Everyone had a blast that day and was compensated for the three waiting days during the kiteExpo!

This morning, the LF Crew headed up north and will put up the tent at 1pm in Santa Cruz. Hope to meet ya there and get some LF gear in your hand or under your feet…

Jose Luengo ripping Tarifa with the Envy

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Jose Luengo scored a magic session in Tarifa at Playa Dos Mares!  18knts, side shore, 1.5 meter surf, and his 8 meter Envy made the day wonderful!!!  Check out the perspective from his kite cam!!!

Pure Fun Demo tour a day in the life…

Saturday, March 20th, 2010

After a great session in Ventura we hit the road to Buelton, CA for a quick night of sleep.  Once the morning came to life it was time to make the decision to hit Jalama for a quick session or hedge the bets and get to Pismo early to post up in the camp site, sort gear and hope for an evening soul session..well we opted to hit the road to Pismo. We did get the camp site, we did set up and sort gear, but the wind never filled in.  After a bit of a cooler and BBQ session the food comas set in and off to sleep…

First day of the Kite Expo was filled with a great dose of bronzing and hob nobbing…not much wind going on..but Tekko threw up the ENVY 15 and showed the peeps that the light weight of the ENVY can fly in 4 to 5 mph of wind..

Hopefully day 2 will give us better conditions!!!!