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Who is Hunter Williams? You will get to know Hunter Williams real quick if you end up kiting the central coast of California.  I first met Hunter on a covert mission to Jalama.  After I fought the mind altering shore … Continue reading

3rd Ave local rider Clark provided us with more photos from the LF stop at the Bay Area during the Pure Fun Tour. Thanks to Adam, Clark and the local crew for this successful demo!

“Are you guys doing some kind of demo or what?” – Yes, we do! Which kite and board do you wanna ride??? The second day of the demo at Belmont Shores was a great success. There were times when we … Continue reading

Belmont Shores was on yesterday! The RV is still on tour for bringing PURE FUN and wind to places around california. As soon as the wind dropped in, kiteboarders showed up testing Havocs and Envys. For the light winds at … Continue reading

Liquid Force rider Juan Ricci lands…… Juan Ricci puts it all together…his love for kiting and fishing…as he says “it all started last summer when it is really windy and no surf, after days of killing myself doing freestyle, it … Continue reading