The 2007 Luxury strap feature a pre-curved ergonomic EVA strap. The strap is made with a soft neoprene liner to cushion your foot and a heavy-duty double locking Velcro closure, which makes adjusting your foot strap easy. This strap system matches our Luxury series design and comes equipped with a redesigned heel strap that includes a textured grip in the heal contact area.

The Strap features a hidden Velcro Adjustment System that enables you to adjust your strap on the fly with the clean look of a non adjustment strap.

The Luxury Pad features a variable stage 3D molded foot bed that is canted inward to properly align your knees, hips and back. Proper stance equals less fatigue and longer sessions. The pad’s cupped heel area keeps your feet properly positioned to take advantage of the orthotic contour design.

The Luxury pad contains an internal air Cell Air pack, with just the right amount of pressure to provide support and long-lasting cushion that will not compress over time like standard foam pads.

The heel strap has a new aggressive grip to prevent the heel strap from sliding off when doing power moves. Adjust them for the amount of hold that you want, tuck them away when you don’t want to use them.

The kit comes complete with a molded handle that fits any rider’s hand perfectly. It’s light, easy to grab on the fly and matches the Luxury Interface System’s design.