Assault 2
The 2007 generation 2 Assault is the most innovative, high performance “bow style” kite design on the market. This kite integrates both bridle and inflatable technologies. Weather you are riding waves or spinning that first 360, the Assault enables the rider to have complete control over the power and the turning of the kite.

Relaunching your kite in the water or on the beach is now effortless. To relaunch your assault, simply pull on one of the back lines and it’s airborne.

The stability and predictability of the Assault also makes it a very user-friendly kite.  Due to its immediate and complete de-power, putting your straps or bindings on has never been so easy and safe.

The wind range of the Assault is so broad, that it allows you to ride a 12m Assault in the same conditions where others riders would fly a 9m to 16m standard C kite.

For 2007, we increased the stiffness of the assault’s structure which added to its stability and increased its quickness and sustained power through the turns.

Relaunch system:
This specially designed system makes kite relaunching effortless. The line and bridle setup are designed to automatically put the kite into the correct launching position. This proven relaunch system works every time on water as well as on land and snow.

Extreme Wind Range:
By adding the bridle system on a slightly flatter kite, combined with a two to one depower control system; a single kite size such as a 12m Assault, can now cover the wind range of a standard 9m to a 16m kite.

Depower System:
Offers a total kite de-power option that is safe enough for the beginner, yet performance oriented enough for the accomplished rider. No complications or hassles of an additional fifth line are required.

Union single point inflation system:
The Assault utilizes the new Liquid Force's Union single point inflation system. This single-stage inflation system inflates the entire kite structure in one easy step. Once you go union single point, you will never
go back.

Anti Stretch panels layout:
The new canopy panel layout was developed in order to reduce the panel distortion caused by multiple panel assembly. The side to side arc panels equalize the Canopy tension helping to keep a clean profile throughout the structure of the kite.