Pro Harness
For 2007 our engineering team completely redesigned the pro harness.  Its internal 3D molded piece fits riders of all shapes and sizes.  One of the main features of the new harness is the left and right side quick release for the handle pass leash.  When in trouble simply pull the left or the right side release loop to separate yourself from the kite.  To reattach the release system, just slide the ends back in with complete ease.  Another unique feature is a molded spreader bar pad which features an inner sleeve to stow away the excess webbing.  In the case of excessive spreader bar webbing wear, it is now super easy to change it out.

LF’s Pro Harness has been specifically designed to stay low on the back and to not ride up, even when under extreme upward force. The molded structure of the harness naturally keeps its ergonomic designed shape, to insure proper fit throughout the life of the harness. A super durable universal shaped harness hook makes turning your kite while hooked in even easier and gives you a secure solid hold with no slippage.