Element Series – 128cm x 41cm and 134cm x 42cm

The Element boards utilize Liquid Force's exclusive Supercore.  The Divinycell foam that Liquid Force uses has the highest strength to weight ratio of any other foam, and won't take on water like some cheaper foams or balsa cores.   Our foam has been tested for years to ensure that it maintains its responsiveness and strength for the life of your board.  Unique single to double concave bottom with channels exiting out of the scalloped tail.  Moehau Goold's board of choice, these boards are great all-around boards performing well in waves, sliders, flat water, or chop.

Liquid Force Kiteboards

Shape – The most important thing. Really, the only thing that matters in a board. Our boards are all shaped by the best shapers in the world. Our shapers utilize 20+ years of shaping experience combining years of shaping for many different board sports to bring you the best kiteboards in the world.

PBT Top and Bottom Sheets – Indestructible, lightweight and shiny. Snowboards and wakeboards have been using it for years… we’ve perfected it. Lightweight, flexible and strong. All Liquid Force boards have it on the deck and the base.

Stainless Steel Inserts - All boards have stainless steel footstrap and handle inserts. These inserts will hold up to the harshest environments and greatest amounts of force. You will not experience pulled out inserts or screws poking through the bottom of your Liquid Force board.

Resin Molded Fins – Computer foiled fins designed to have the greatest hold and least amount of drag and a perfectly molded fin every time. Resin molded for the highest strength available. Four fins with every board.

Sublimated Graphics – All Liquid Force boards have the graphics sublimated into the PBT top and bottom sheets. The best looking graphics in the world will not rub off or fade away in the sun.