Liquid Force Strap Suction Kit

A complete board interface system that will change the way we attach our boards to our feet forever. The comfort, flexibility and ease of entry of conventional footstraps, with the lock-down and board control associated with bindings.

LF Air Footpads – Ergonomically designed footpads are canted inward to properly align knees and hips while riding. Proper alignment allows for less muscle fatigue and safer landings. Airpack under heel dampens vibrations and cushions the ride, further saving your knees on landings. Soft molded EVA foam forms to your feet providing a snug, comfortable fit never before available in footpads.

LF Wide Footstraps – Available in both Fixed Pro straps and Adjustable straps, equally as comfortable and functional. Softer materials cushion the foot for a more comfortable ride, and allow the foot to seat in for a greater hold.

LF Heelstraps – An optional addition that comes with every Strap Suction kit. The way that heelstraps always should have been. Injection molded with Craeton rubber, will not crack or fade or lose their stretch over time. Molded shape keeps them in place to easily slide them on your foot and to stay there for your entire ride. Super stretch allows them to easily come off when you want them to.