Weekly Gear Fix with Brandon Scheid

Ever wondered why our team chooses the gear that they do? With the countless forums on kite design, how does a rider know what to get? Now’s your chance to learn!  With Weekly Gear Fix, each week you’ll be introduced to one of our team riders, who’ll explain why he or she rides the kite, board, harness, etc. that they do. No lofty tech talk or extended breakdown of materials. Just basic shop talk; why they ride it, why they like it and why it works.

This week, 2x Triple S Winner Brandon Scheid kicks off with a synopsis of his gear kit. Not that you’ll see everything that he travels with (it’s a lot!), but learn the essentials and the basics for all your necessary equipment (forgot your boardies? Who cares, kite naked).

© Bryan Elkus

Thanks for watching. PURE FUN!