Control Bar Tech

  1. DCP 300 Lines. German engineered, our DCP 300 flying and steering lines are coated for reduced tangle, and offer stretch resistance, and color coding for Goof Proof setup. Featuring 20-meter lines with 3-meter extensions.
  2. Coated Leader Lines. Thick and soft high-grade coated leader lines for rider protection.
  3. Auto-Spin Swivel. Ceramic self-flushing auto- spin swivel to ensure twist- and friction-free performance.
  4. Sliding, Adjustable Stopper Ball. Easy to reach, the sliding stopper ball delivers the ultimate on-the-fly throw adjustment.
  5. Full EVA Winders & Floats. Oversized EVA winders and floats offer rider safety and protection, and efficient line management.
  6. Ergonomic EVA Grip. A soft, comfortable grip with ridges so you know which side of the bar is up.
  7. Non-Mechanical Push-Away Safety Release. With a smooth, push-away action of the Centerline Push Release, all of our kites will depower a full 100 percent when connected to the safety depower ring and 90 percent when leashed to the trim strap. There are zero moving parts such as pins, balls, or bungees that can deteriorate, corrode or get jammed with debris. US Patent #6,988,694.
  8. Self-Indexing Molded Chicken Loop with Removable Pin. Whenever you unhook, the molded chicken-loop automatically re-orients itself for easy hooking in. And to stay hooked in, simply pop the pin into your spreader bar.
  9. Below-the-Bar Trim. With an easy-to-reach, below-the-bar trim system, the CPR Control System minimizes clutter and offers ergonomic power adjustment and lock-off.