Slider Party 2012

Official Video from the Slider Party in Le Barcar├Ęs, France from May 21st till May 27th.

“We had some hardcore wind and some crazy weather but in the end we could run the contest and enjoy the cable and 2.0 during the last weekend. The contest was held during the wakeboard “wake’n’beach” contest, featuring some of the best wakeboarders in the world.”

Liquid Forcer represented in full force! Check out the steezy hits from Liquid ridrs Brandon Scheid, James Boulding, Alex Campet and Christophe Tack!!

Final results

1- Sam Light
2 – Tom Court
3 – Brandon Scheid
4 – Rick Jensen
5 – James Boulding
6 – Sam Medysky

Cameras : Bertrand Beauchet, Laurent Bailli, Alex Campet