Ro Sham Wrap Up

The 2012 Ro Sham Throw Down in Hood River, OR unveiled a format previously unseen in kiteboarding. Slopestyle. Riders each had four runs (two left foot forward, two right foot forward) through a course combining features and flat water. Then advancing through qualifiers, semis and finals. This unique format allowed each rider to have the course to themselves, with all eyes on them and really encouraged performance.

The contest ran all week with mens finals concluding on Saturday, July 21st. Liquid Force represented in full force with Brandon Scheid, Craig Cunningham, Jason Slezak, Colleen Carroll, Sensi Graves, Oliver Umpierre and Jon Van Malsen.

Final results were


1. Sam Light

2. Brandon Scheid

3. Alex Fox


1. Colleen Carroll

2. Laura Maher

3. Sensi Graves

Congratulations team!