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The Liquid Force Luxury impact vest is the most comfortable, maneuverable and conforming impact vest ever produced for kiting. Incorporating technology from popular wake and big wave surfing impact vest design, the LF impact vest utilizes an ultra low profile shape. This offers maximum impact protec- tion and added flotation specific to kiteboarding.

The unique placement of the flotation keeps the rider upright and is designed to be integrated with a kiteboarding waist or seat harness. Another Liquid Force exclusive technology is the LF Inside Grip. This design feature incorporates neoprene strip panels that allow the vest to sit comfortably when dry and provides extra grip to hold the impact vest secure and in place when wet.

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Luxury Features

  • Curved side zipper easy entry and exit.
  • Liquid Force “Inside Grip” technology.
  • Seat and waist harness compatible.
  • Excellent combination with the Liquid Force Luxury Harness
  • Ergonomic flotation design for comfort, mobility and maximum float.