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KiteBoard Technology

1. Liquid Rail, Elastomeric Sidewall. This exclusive feature is the strongest and most durable rail on the market.The Liquid Rail creates a solid unity of the board’s top and bottom sheets that withstand hard impacts protecting the board.

2. Bottom Contour Shape. Every Liquid Force kiteboard uses unique bottom contours to assist in up wind performance, to water release for hard pop and soft landings

3. Precision CNC Wood/PVC Foam Combination Core.  Another new technology advancement for 2011 is the addition of our combination  Wood/PVC foam core. The wood gives our boards the most lively flex of any boards on the market while the foam keeps the weight to a minimum, providing the best ride money can buy!

4. Molded cores.  (in some models) for the best strength to weight ratio at an affordable price.

5. Deck contour. Precisely designed con- tours for added flex tuning in torsional rigidity and tip to tail flex pattern.

6. Grind base.  Exclusive to Liquid Force kiteboards is the new Grind base. This base will withstand the greatest abuse from rocky launches, rails and sliders to throwing the board in the back of the truck.

7. Metric inserts.  Ultra light M6 metric inserts at a 6” spread.

8. Unidirectional fiberglass.  Unidirectional fiberglass layer allowing for smooth flex and unsurpassed durability.

9. Triax weave cloth.  Triax weave cloth that gives the best durabil- ity with out soaking up excess resins decreasing weight and creating a lively feel.

10. UV Resistant.  UV resistant sublimated graphic tops sheets radiating vibrant color.

kite Surfboard Technology

LF Vacuum bag SandWich construction. The LF vacuum bag sandwich construction provides a kite surfboard that gives a ride and feel just like a your favorite surfboard from your quiver but will withstand the harsh riding with a kite.

LF b-XP3 sandwich construction. 

We set out this year to give a little back while giving unsurpassed performance. Where we started is with the core of the LF CJ kite surfboard. The B-XP3 core utilizes fully recycled materials and is com- pletely recyclable. The manufacturing process emits 50 times fewer VOC’s than traditional PU foam cores. An added advantage of the B-XP3 core is that it is completely waterproof. This means that if you get a ding the core will not absorb water! Using this core in the LF sandwich construction gives the board superior strength to weight ration and provides a great ride.