Malin Rupp rocks Red Bull Ragnarok

Wow! Malin Rupp wins Red Bull Ragnarok! What a success! Congrats!

LF rider Malin Rapp from Sweden won the women battle of Red Bull Ragnarok this weekend.

200 riders from 25 countries all over the world came to Hardangervidda in Norway to battle the Red Bull Ragnarok. Hardangervidda is known for extremely weather conditions and endless mountains, something everyone was about to discover….

“Ragnarok” is a legend from Norse mythology; the last battle between the good and evil Gods – where only the heroes of the battlefield would survive. Red Bull Ragnarok imitates this myth in the respect that only a mere few snowkite heroes will succeed. Endurance is paramount, and only the toughest riders will make it to the finish line. Freestylers will be favored by having the possibility to overcome some obstacles in order to shorten the track.

The conditions during the race were insane! We started out with light wind and sunny bikiniweather followed by heavy rain and strong wind. Then, someone decided to switch the wind off. Completely. To make it through I had to walk, run, and fight to keep my kite in the air. Then, suddenly I found myself fighting to avoid flying away with the kite. There were times when the visibility was so bad that I couldn’t see anything. I continued, hoping that I was going in the right direction. At the end of the race I was exhausted. Walking and kiting those big mountains made my legs feel like meatballs. I had only one checkpoint left to reach the goal. At that moment the wind picked up very well (bless the good god) and I had really close battle with Andrea Gjortz who ended up second.

It was an amazing event with a lot of nice people. I will definitely come back next year to defend the title!



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