#LFKBOOST – Winner’s Announced

After a vigorous few weeks of people boosting their brains out, we have finally determined our #LFKBOOST Contest results! We are stoked to announce that Sharky Rob is this year’s grand prize winner!! Logging 9,537.6m of airtime over the past 3 weeks! WOAH!!

Rob will be taking home a brand new Element Carbon that will hopefully make it a bit easier to stay airborne as he continues his pure stoke lifestyle.

Our biggest booster was none other than Aaron McClearon, owner and founder of Elite Watersports in St. Petersburg, FL. He jumped 16.8m on a WOW!!!! I think we’ve got Hermine to thank for that . (For us Americans, that’s just over 50 feet!!).

Also – we love to give a big shout out to everyone who participated and we will be sending some swag to the following people for joining in on the competition!

  1. Kiter Mike
  2. Agnes
  3. Peter

We don’t know your full names, but we do know your e-mail addresses and will be contacting you shortly to get your information! Thanks for taking part in the WOO #LFKBOOST contest!

Thanks for boosting!