LF on top at PKRA

Manuela Jungo updates from the first stop of the 2012 PKRA tour in Dakhla, Morocco. Our two team riders rocked!

After one week in the Desert of Morocco, the event is over and Christophe and I are very happy with our performance and thankful for your support.
After cutting the afternoon short on day four as a result of light winds, day five began with the expectation of a similar wind forecast – steady wind in the early afternoon and possibly decreasing throughout the day.
The wait for wind began for the LF Riders Manuela and Christophe at 10, with the first possible start at 10:30; however, competition did not commence until 12:45.
Christophe Tack was fighting hard in his heat against Stephan Spiessberger. It was close but Spiessberger made it to the next round .
This heat was followed by a second match-up between Manuela Jungo and Pulido, this time the World Champion 2011 was able to win the heat.
Christophe Tack finishes the event in Dakhla in 7th place and Manuela Jungo in 5th.” -MJ

Men’s Results

1. Youri Zoon

2. Alex Pastor

3. Eudazio Da Silva

4. Marc Jacobs

5. Alberto Rondina


Women’s Results

1. Bruna Kajiya

2. Karonlina Winkowska

3. Asia Litwin

4. Gisela Pulido

5. Manuela Jungo