LF 2010 Snowkite Tour Kick Off

Yesterday March 10th was the official start to the 2010 LF Snowkite Utah Tour.
Jason Slezak, Julien Fillion, Brandon Scheid, Craig Cunningham, & Arla Funk took a session on the outskirts of Park City in just one of the thousands of Utah snowkite spots.
After cruising some open fields the crew found a great natural windlip kicker and built a second booter, everybody got their share solid hits and heavy crashes!
Brandon and Jason both agreed this was one of their best session snowkiting this winter if not ever!  Snow + Utah + Friends + LF Kites = Pure Fun!
The team has been testing the 2011 LF kites, which are the blurry kites in the pics! stay tuned for 2011…

Big Thanks again to : Liquid Force Kites, Kicker Audio, KiteRoam.com

Here’s some shots from the day.

Part of the trip :

Jason Slezak : www.jasonslezak.com

Julien Fillion : www.julienfillion.com

Brandon Scheid : brandonscheid.blogspot.com

Craig Cunningham : www.kiteroam.com/riders/view/50/category:upcoming_kiteboarder/title:Craig_Cunningham

Arla Funk : www.kiteroam.com/riders/view/44/category:upcoming_kiteboarder/title:Arla_Funk

Greg Gnecco

Alexis Rovira