Julien Fillion features snowkiting on Discovery Channel

This past weekend, the Daily Planet team from Discovery Channel shot snowkiting at the Kiteproject in Montreal, Canada.  Julien Fillion (LF’s designer and athlete) was featured along with Thierry Leblanc and Simon Gill.   The conditions were pretty arch, but the three of them made the best of it.

While Washington and New York are getting slammed by several feet of fresh powder this winter, there isn’t much snow in Montreal, Kiteproject.ca is the first Liquid Force and Kiteroam.com sponsored snowkite park and probably the only ridable place in the Quebec province these days.

Stay tuned for snowkiting featured on the Daily Planet show on Discovery Channel.

** Julien Fillion was riding some of the 2011 secret Liquid Force Kite designs and was spot using the ShadowBox to track his best rides and tricks of the day