James Boulding’s 1st Place Rhossy Park Jam

James Boulding enjoyed a weekend at the Rhosneigr Park Jam and took 1st place in the comp. Great Pictures! Nice job, congrats!

So good times at the Rhosneigr Park Jam in which I took 1st place.  Had a great weekend and some good rides.  The wind came strong and gusty on the friday so even the wide rooftop posed some serious problems.  Put a FS and BS 3 down and a few gap downs due to the strong wind so was fairly happy and then spent the rest of the weekend hitting stuff behind a ski due to the lack of wind and weather.

Put down an incline to gap 3 decline on the friday afternoon in the rain after a few hard landings which I was confident would place me up there so spent the saturday going even bigger and faster and pushing for the gap 7.  Came close to landing, both times with handle passed but just couldn’t hold on as the jetski pull kicked in after the landing.

All in all a great event, looking forward to next years already!