Jakob Appel Full-On LF Experience in South Africa

The winter in Denmark has been very cold, it seems as though the global heating has had the opposite effect in Scandinavia leading to ice age conditions with 3-4 months of full-on winter with snow and ice. Therefore it has been quite a while since I was out surfing and it was with great optimism when a friend and I got on the plane a few weeks ago to visit warm Cape Town in South Africa. I was only going to stay there for two weeks so I was prepared to get as much water time as possible. I brought the 2011 Envy 5, 7 and 9 and a Liquid Force Rawson 5’11 together with my regular surf board. And the conditions did not disappoint me. Out of possible 14 days we got around 11 kiting days, 3 days of surfing and some days doing both. We had waves from ½m to 4m and winds for an underpowered 9m to a maxed out 5m. We tried quite a few different spots but ended up concluding that the spot closest by was actually also the best so that was perfect as well.

Here is a few pics from two sessions we had down there, it shows me using the 2011 Envy which I find ideal for my waveriding as it allows me to focus on the waves and lets me ride unhooked without having to hassle with the kite combined with a direct c-like feeling and great depower.

Back home the spring has finally arrived and I can not wait to get out there and ride!