Christophe Tack claims the 2014 PKRA World Championship Title

This PKRA World Championship crown could not have been earned by a more passionate, dedicated and focused professional kiteboarder.  Christophe Tack knew since his first competition in kiteboarding that a world title was his goal. Through the highs and lows of being driven by this single goal, the ultimate prize has been achieved, and Christophe Tack is now standing at the top of the kiteboarding world!

“Christophe is one of the most unique professional athletes I have worked with.  His focus and hyper attention to the goal of attaining a World Championship is unsurpassed.  This title is greatly deserved and well earned.  All of us here at Liquid Force are glad to have been a part of this journey to victory.” Gary Siskar, Liquid Force Kiteboarding Brand Manager

No one will contest that Christophe Tack has had a phenomenal year on tour, standing on the podium 7 out of the current 9 events.

Christophe Tack: “The feeling is a bit surreal to be the World Champion. I am thankful and glad to have made this achievement in my professional career.  I am looking forward to how far I can take the sport of kiteboarding in the future.  I want to send thanks to everyone who has supported me through the years including my sponsors Liquid Force, Mystic and Red Bull.”

After the last PKRA event to be held in China in the next weeks Tack will have a much deserved rest through the holiday before resuming training for next years PKRA tour.